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Writing book reviews: how difficult is it?

Primarily, students ask for book report help because they fail to meet the requirement of persuasiveness. Without equivocation, what methods of convincing your reader can you apply when writing a book review? Aristotle mentioned three ways in which a speaker can persuade the public to accept the speaker's ideas: ethos, pathos and logos

Ethos: to persuade the public by carefully balancing objective and subjective arguments. At our service, we've got a team of professionals who have long learned all the personal or impersonal forms of appeals to the reader.

Pathos: refers exclusively to the emotions and intentions that the speaker (or writer) transmits in their speech. Without a doubt, each our book report writer can demonstrate you powerful rhetoric tools capable of making the reader cry and laugh.

Logos: the method of persuading by sheer arguments. With our techniques of book report writing, we present the main thesis and then easily defend it with convincing evidence and sharp-witted reasoning.

How to write a book review

Now, when we have specified the basics of rhetoric persuasiveness, let us show you the construction one needs to use when writing a book report. This includes three principal sections: the references, comments, and evaluation by the reviewer. The elements that make up the structure of the review are as follows:

  1. References specify the location of the author and his work in time. It usually consists of two subcategories: a title and presentation. A title includes the author's name, the title of the work, place of publication, publisher, date of publication and number of pages. The presentation, usually described in the first paragraph, contains the mention of the original language of the work, the list of languages into which the work has been translated and, when appropriate, the main subject of the work. Here's an example: Eduard Will. The Greek and Eastern worlds. Tom I. V century (510-403). Madrid. Akal. 1977. 644 pp.

  2. Comments traditionally comprise the reviewer's own speculations on the book/source. From our online book reports, a student will be able to learn how exactly to formulate those comments. Should the source be not a book but sample of films, plays or presentations, the format of comments appropriately changes.

  3. Evaluation is considered one of the most important parts of book review writing since it is the judgment of the reader that highlights the book's strengths and limitations. It generally consists of two types of critical assessment: negative and positive. Negative criticism pays attention to the weak aspects of the work; it is usually written in an attenuated form avoiding the use of strong words, irony and open knocks at the content. Positive criticism, on the other hand, focuses on the strengths of the text; that is, it talks about the contribution made by the work. The use of adjectives here must be aimed at making this section specific, clear and concise.

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How to get help when writing book reports

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