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How to write a dissertation: tips for avoiding plagiarism

Doubtlessly, writing a dissertation is the most important project in the student's life. If you want to graduate with honors and guarantee yourself successful career, you just have to write a perfect thesis and impress the committee. To achieve this goal you have to understand perfectly how to avoid common writing mistakes.

Obviously, the main problem that occurs when writing the dissertation is plagiarism. It's the most ubiquitous mistake that can spoil even the best dissertation.

Follow the academic custom of quoting sources. You should do this even if you prefer to use your own wording rather than a direct copy of the original. The reference to the source signifies that you are making that statement on the basis of the ideas reported there. If you are unclear about the different methods of mentioning sources and constructing a reference list, consult professional dissertation authors.

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If you've already tried to write a new original paper then you know how difficult it is to avoid similarities with the book devoted to the same topic. Surely, you can consult with the best dissertation writing services to obtain necessary experience. However, to understand how to organize a dissertation writing process to avoid plagiarism from the very beginning you have to follow a new scheme.

Avoiding plagiarism: secrets from the best dissertation writers

Thereby, if you want to clean each chapter and each section of your thesis from plagiarized content you have to adhere to several simple recommendations:

  1. Avoid overuse of quotations. Plagiarism still occurs if a considerable percentage of your dissertation is comprised of quotations. In general, all essential quotations should be used sparingly.
  2. Double-check on your concepts. If you have what you think is a fresh idea, do not simply accept that your concept is unique. Think carefully about possible sources that you may have forgotten about; ask a professional advisor or consult relevant texts, encyclopedias or the Web.
  3. Create a concise list of all logical and stylistic intersections between your dissertation and different materials used during your study.
  4. An experienced dissertation writer has to avoid copying material by electronic means. Obviously, if you use the material in your work, and fail to add an appropriate citation, this would still be regarded as plagiarism.
  5. Try not to paraphrase another student's work too closely. Taking key phrases and rearranging them, or merely substituting some words with synonyms is still regarded as plagiarism.

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Obviously, a student may consider that all these stages of work are too sophisticated to be accomplished without professional help. In this case, the best way is to choose a reliable dissertation writing service and hire professional experts. Those who have a great experience in this academic sphere will support you with the best samples of dissertations created especially for you. Thus, you will be able to finish the work before the exact day of presentation, eschewing all delays and potential troubles you're your dissertation.

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